High quality sustainable designs for living buildings come from listening to clients.

The primary aim of our work is to listen to clients and respond to their unique requirements. From the initial consultation, we help clients understand the process of designing, seeking permissions and construction in relation to their projects so that they have a strong sense of consensus as events develop. We work from the premise that unless we understand what is required properly, we cannot offer a meaningful design response to carry the project through. To achieve this we listen.

We work on existing historic and listed properties regularly. Understanding traditional and modern forms of building construction, as well as legislation, policy and seeking permissions can be daunting as a client. Dealing with building sites, even more so. The key to our continued success is the opportunity for fresh thinking that each project brings and our knowledge of how construction and design become intimately involved in peoples lives. 

Much of our work remains domestic in scale. Projects usually have a construction value of between £50,000 - £500,000. But we cater for a range of property owners including small developers, commercial, institutional and professional organisations. We would like our projects to continue to vary in type and size and we aim to grow, too. 


Andrew Dale

Andrew Dale


Grazebrook Design was founded in 1992 in Bristol and later incorporated in 2011 as Grazebrook Architects. The firm became Grazebrook Dale Architects as of December 2018 and continues to be a small practice focused on personal service and close working relationships that produce high quality outcomes.

Andy Dale

In 2017, Andy Dale became Principal of the practice, having joined in 2014. He previously worked at Hopkins Architects and Buckley Gary Yeoman, in London, as a project architect on commercial office projects, as well as Van Der Steen Hall in Devon, on projects involving listed and historic buildings before arriving in Bristol. He has been a practising architect since 2002 and also teaches at Bath University as a part-time teaching fellow.